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SAT-7: A Faith Ministry

SAT-7 is a faith ministry and relies completely on the generous giving of Christians around the world. Christians in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are among the least supported in the entire world. In many places churches are struggling to survive. The region has one of the smallest Christian populations in the world, a tiny percentage of the 500 million people living there. Yet less than 0.1% of all charitable donations for Christian causes go to ministries working in the MENA.

Uncensored satellite TV is one of the most effective – and often the only – means of bringing Christ’s message into closed countries or remote locations.

It is a crucial time for the people of the Middle East and North Africa. We need to encourage and support the Christian minority whilst also supporting all people who are seeking hope more than ever.

It costs less than R25 to bring SAT-7’s Christian programming to one viewer 24/7 for an entire year!

• R200 gives spiritual support to 10 Egyptian Christians through SAT-7 ARABIC.
• R400 provides 20 Turkish families access to SAT-7 TÜRK programming for a year.
• R750 could give a refugee family a satellite dish to watch SAT-7 KIDS.


SAT-7 Banking details in South Africa

Contact SAAWE for banking details in SA •

To avoid any misunderstanding, please clarify clearly that donation is for SAT-7.
Also state name and address with deposit.
Please contact us if you wish to support a specific programme/channel on SAT-7.