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SAT-7 meetings in South Africa

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Coming to a city near you!

Contact Francois Botha for any information about the meetings: or 083 628 6488

About Rita

Rita Elmounayer, who was born and raised in Lebanon, is currently serving as SAT-7’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SAT-7 International. She has been working with the ministry since 1996, and previously served as SAT-7’s Chief Channels and Communications Officer, Director of Children’s Programming and Executive Director of Arabic Channels.
Rita has a Master’s Degree in Communication Practice from Oxford University in England, and has a vision and passion for investing in viewers’ education through the ministry of SAT-7. Having grown up during Lebanon’s war-torn years, she has a deep compassion for other people living through war and hardship. Rita’s father, a soldier, insisted on giving his children the “weapon” of a good education despite the war and instability, and this played a key role in shaping her vision for SAT-7 today.
Through the medium of satellite television, SAT-7 has access into the lives of countless children and their families in refugee camps today. During her time in South Africa, Rita will be sharing about how the ministry is making God’s love visible in the Middle East and North Africa.
“SAT-7 KIDS has many millions of viewers, not only children but also their families. We receive countless emails from parents thanking us for investing in their lives and in their children’s lives. It is essential that we teach these children the right things. We want to transform this generation, who might be seen by some in the West as potential terrorists.
We promote values that are not often shown on other TV channels: reconciliation, tolerance, love, peace and forgiveness. Our goal is to invest in people’s lives, and in order to maximise this investment we have to begin when they are still young. We want them to have better lives and to be better people – leaders driven by love and compassion. We believe this new generation will one day grow up to change the face of the Middle East – to be a better one – we only need to believe.”