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Peaceful refuge in SAT-7

News stations across the world are reporting on the terrible fighting in Syria and Iraq. ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has been working to establish a religiously unified political state that combines the two nation states. This group has acted brutally, taking over major cities in Iraq including Mosul, the traditional home of the largest concentration of Iraqi Christians. There were even reports that Christians in Iraq must convert, pay ISIS a “tax,” leave, or be destroyed. These Christians need our prayers.

In the midst of this chaotic time, a SAT-7 counseling center in Iraq received a call from a man named Aziz. Aziz had enlisted in the resistance and had just come from the Syrian city of Aleppo. He told the counselor that the city had suffered greatly and one day, as Aziz stood in a destroyed church, he was overcome by a vision of what the church must have looked like in happier times.

Aziz saw benches reassemble, paintings on the walls, stained glass in the windows and a happy congregation attending a service. He saw a beam of light and he was standing in the destroyed church again. But Aziz also told the counselor “Jesus called to me and I told Him, ‘I want to follow you.’” His heart was forever changed.

As they talked, the counselor discovered that Aziz was familiar with SAT-7 and even referred to the channel as “the blessed SAT-7.” Because he lives in a war zone and became a follower of Jesus, Aziz fears for his life. Aziz takes precautions by calling from different phones and only speaking briefly, but whenever possible, he finds a television and watches SAT-7.

“Don’t forget me,” Aziz tells the counsellor, “I want to follow Jesus.”