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Prayer is at the center of our work and we covet your prayer support.

SAT-7’s programs receive numerous requests for prayer from viewers every day. People are longing for God to hear their cries. They long for transformation in their lives, and they believe in their hearts that God can bring forth these changes and new hope.
As SAT-7 moves forward in making God's love visible with new projects, new programs, and an educational channel, we are reminded that part of being ambassadors of God’s love is also being ambassadors of prayer. By including prayer in the foundation of every program, we encourage our viewers by showing them the power of prayer and the change it can bring them.
The amazing transformation that prayer brings to our viewers’ lives – help to accomplish daily tasks, healing of both mind and body, and the resolution of struggles – is what will ultimately bring change and hope to the Middle East and North Africa.
SAT-7 produces a monthly Prayer News bulletin and Prayer Calendar with the latest information and prayer needs.
Please consider being part of a prayer network for the people of the Middle East and North Africa, bringing hope and making God's love visible through prayer.

Praise the Lord, truly praise Him. This week I've received new things and revelations from God which has filled me with gladness and thankfulness. Yes, it's true, a delayed answer from God does not mean that He is unwilling to answer. This was the right timing, and I learned to be patient. He delivers masterpieces, and I bear witness to them. God placed someone on our path and opened a door for us. A way that only He could open, a performance that only He could do. Truly, my Redeemer lives. Thanking God that you supported me with your prayers and encouragement. May the Lord's grace and blessings be with you.
Maryam from Iran