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21 July

Little Painter, a Farsi language children’s program for 4- to 10-year-olds, premiered on SAT-7 PARS in the summer of 2017. The new show contributes to the team’s goal of launching a 24-hour internet children’s channel in Farsi. Presenter Arezoo, a Christian whose name means “wish” in Farsi, will inspire young viewers to creativity through her gifts of painting and storytelling.
Their eyes light up when they see the oversized colored pencils and painting tools on the set. Arezoo invites them to grab a brush and follow along as she paints scenes from the Bible. She uses watercolor, oil and acrylic colors, colored pencils and chalk on paper and canvas.
The 20 episodes, lasting 15 to 20 minutes, each teach a different story from the Bible. Children will learn about Adam and Eve, Jesus feeding the 5,000 and the parable of two houses built on the rock and sand, among other stories.
Nikoo Ordodary, former Deputy Executive Director and Programming Manager at SAT-7 PARS, stated that “We hope and pray that through this program, many children would be encouraged to not only use their talents to draw and paint and enjoy their time while doing so, but also learn from the Bible and the many stories told, to live according to the Bible and be lights in our dark world.”
The Farsi speaking nations of the Middle East are beset by high rates of poverty, drug addiction and other social ills. In this environment, Little Painter offers small children the chance to enjoy childhood and learn the love of Jesus in a wonderland of creativity and self-expression.

Just recently, a woman living near Tehran told SAT-7, “I am very thankful of your prayers for us. Ever since you have been praying for us, we have sensed a new strength within us, which has made our faith stronger.” The hope of viewers like her gives us confidence that God will move in the hearts of Iranians to fulfil His plan for their lives.