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March 2017

The Resurrection Church of Beirut is helping refugees and other newcomers take part in its activities and prayer life, witnessing to all that unity can prevail. In late 2016, SAT-7 ARABIC started to broadcast live from the church every Sunday.
Despite being located in a conflict zone, the Resurrection Church has managed to establish a culture of spiritual belonging among new arrivals and members of different cultures as well as local believers. The result is lasting change in its members’ hearts. Violence and intolerance are being transformed into peace, love, and community integration.
Praying in unity, not uniformity
“We have challenged cultural uniformity by founding a powerful ministry that is based on diversity and is resilient to the conflicts around us. We pray that we will witness the power of God and see His love among His children. Despite our differences, the members of the church often express a spontaneous desire to unite in prayer,” says Hikmat Kashouh, the Senior Pastor of the church.
The Resurrection Church also serves marginalised families, taking a holistic approach that reaches out to all, regardless of ethnicity and cultural differences. The ministry provides counselling support and spiritual activities in addition to food and other supplies. Pastor Kashouh explains, “Thanks to the devoted leaders and experts running these activities, our ministry is encouraging refugees to attend our services and secure real spiritual results.”
God answers prayers through people
The fact is that when the Church prays, God answers. Pastor Kashouh agrees: “Through the church’s activities and prayers, desperate souls have found salvation and people have been healed from the effects of traumatic memories. We believe in a living God who answers our prayers and heals His children’s bodies and minds. It is people’s love for God and for one another that makes prayers heard.”
SAT-7 conveys the church’s prayer life By broadcasting the Resurrection Church’s services, SAT-7 ARABIC aims to witness to the power of a praying church and to show viewers an authentic image of a diverse community united in prayer.
Pastor Kashouh confirms the impact of SAT-7’s work. He says, “Our collaboration with SAT-7 is a most blessed initiative, because we share the same objective. Through this powerful platform, we aim to bring the message of the Bible to each and every home in the Middle East!”
Praise and worship at the Sunday service of the Resurrection Church of Beirut.

"Through the church’s activities and prayers, desperate souls have found salvation and people have been healed from the effects of traumatic memories."