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5 JANUARY 2017

Shortly after party-goers at a nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey, welcomed in 2017, a rebel extremist opened fire on them, killing over three dozen people.
Although most of those killed and injured were non-Christians, an agency linked to so-called Islamic State (IS) claimed the atrocity was carried out on a nightclub where Christians “were celebrating their pagan feast” (their term for Christmas).
The IS-affiliated news agency also described Turkey as “the servant of the cross” and said the extremist attack was in retaliation for Turkey’s military strikes against IS.
While extremist attacks have made Turkey the subject of many news reports, SAT-7 TÜRK continues its television broadcasts on two satellites across Turkey and beyond.
The channel has recently increased security measures at its studio, and plans to implement further security efforts as well.
Speaking about the mood of staff in the SAT-7 TÜRK office, one team member stated, “I can see from their faces that people are more scared and concerned about threats and attacks.”
In the opening days of 2017, rebel attacks also struck Iraq and Somalia. Please continue to pray for peace in the world, as well as for the staff of SAT-7 TÜRK and the entire SAT-7 family, as we seek to fulfil our mission of making God’s love visible.