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February 2020

Questions about faith, requests for Bibles, and messages of thanks and encouragement make up most of the messages SAT-7 TÜRK receives from its viewers. The surprising thing, however, is that many of these messages come from non-Christians.

In the midst of economic and political uncertainties, the Turkish people are beginning to question the world around them. Subsequently, attitudes towards religion are also starting to shift.

Source of information
Since it began broadcasting, SAT-7 TÜRK has been providing its viewers with reliable and accurate information about Christianity, and this is being acknowledged by its viewers.

“I’m not a Christian,” explains Ulvi, who called the SAT-7 TÜRK channel, “but I follow your channel because I can see it is a clean and honest one.”

Many non-Christians have been writing to the channel, their messages often long and full of questions. Reading through message after message, the TÜRK Audience Relations team is able to get a glimpse into the quest for truth and information.

Hunger for truth
Very little is known about Christianity in Turkey, and there are many misconceptions; it is widely considered to be a Western religion and people are generally suspicious of Christians. Unaware of Christian history in the region, there is a firm belief that being a Christian is essentially ‘un-Turkish’. However, as people start looking beyond their own country, they become curious about the rest of the world and other people’s beliefs.

“There are billions of people in this world with different beliefs and 2 billion of them are Christians,” continues Ulvi. “I want to understand them, I want to learn more about Christianity.”

Fear and doubt
Unfortunately, some people in Turkey are afraid to express curiosity about Christianity. Many new believers have faced isolation from their families, have lost their jobs, and faced opposition to varying degrees. The consequences for people with high standing among their communities can be especially difficult.

“I’m a well-known person, a businessman,” explains Ulvi. “I can’t just go to a church.” Thankfully, this isn’t stopping him from looking for answers. “If there is anyone who would be willing to spend some time talking to me about Christianity, I would love to learn more.”